Saturday, March 24, 2007

Restoration and Renovation Showcase

More good news from the corner of Vinton and Cleveland. The former Broens house continues to take shape as restoration proceeds. There is even a little "buried treasure!" But first, let's see a little before and after action.

The East side of the porch after removal of the roof and ceiling:

The same area after installation of roof, ceiling, fascia and soffit, not to mention a few replacement rafters:

And now for a little buried treasure. While the porch was open I noticed a small sign posted on the side of the house, hidden from view for 100 years:

As best I can tell it reads:

Pritchard Evans
167 & 171 Linden

Apparently it is an advertisement for the company that installed the heating system. By my estimation, the address on Linden is now occupied by the Gibson Guitar Factory.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Neighborhood Meeting on Sunday!

Don't forget! General neighborhood meeting on Sunday, 5pm at St. John's Methodist Church.

We'll talk about landmarks, our upcoming neighborhood cleanup (April 14!!), possible yard sale and other events for this year.

See you Sunday!