Saturday, February 17, 2007

Properties on the Market

There are some recent real estate listings of interest in our neighborhood.

1324 Vinton is for sale with an asking price of about 180K. It is listed as a duplex but looks like a good candidate for conversion to single family.

The apartment building at 1337 Vinton is listed at just under 300K. This is one of several ugly units that were built here in the early 70's. Is there someone willing to buy this as a tear-off and build a single home? Probably not yet. I won't post a picture of this . . . edifice, as it would probably crack your computer screen.

Here is 1330 Vinton. Not exactly a recent listing, but restoration of the Broens house will probably raise its stock quite a bit. It's an interesting house and one of the few in Annesdale Park with a true central hallway.

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