Monday, February 12, 2007

Restoration and Renovation Showcase

Here is a picture of the John Broens House taken a couple years ago. It sits prominently on the corner of Vinton and Cleveland and has been steadily disintegrating for a number of years. The roof leaked like a sieve and caused major damage. The City had even gone so far as to condemn the property. Mr. Broens died last year and left his property to St. Jude, who sold the house to a professional renovator, John Blose. His crew began work in late January.

A more recent photo taken over the weekend shows that the old slate roof has been removed and new decking installed where needed:

The back of the house had caved in due to water damage. It is now being reconstructed:

From time to time we will post pictures showing the restoration. Talk about a Handy Man's Special!

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