Sunday, March 1, 2009

Property Sales up in Annesdale

Several properties in the Annesdale Park National Historic District have been purchased over the last couple of months, and construction projects are ongoing at four of them.

Some of the neighborhood's most handsome homes are also on the market, including outstanding examples of Victorian, craftsman and four-square styles. The Memphis Landmarks Commission on Feb. 26 approved plans to stabilize and restore a two-story, mission-style stucco and brick structure at 1320 Peabody Ave.

Annesdale Park is a city historic preservation district, so any renovation that would alter buildings along the streetscape must first receive approval from the Memphis Landmarks Commission.

Annesdale is one of Midtown's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. It is located immediately west of Central Gardens and within the boundaries of the Memphis Medical Center, where hundreds of millions of dollars of are being invested in new hospitals, laboratories and academic facilities.

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J. Andrew said...

The house on Vinton with the grand hall and the chandeliers has a sold sign out in front of it I noticed today. It's the 5th or 6th property to sell since January!