Monday, May 4, 2009

Evelyn Elliott Sign Reappears

The Evelyn Elliott Memorial Yard of the Month sign popped up along with more than 100 blooming tulips in the front lawn of John and Jenny Gholson on April 1. The Gholsons had eagerly awaited for the tulips to emerge, but did not expect to see the sign. The sign had been missing since autumn. Its reappearance is welcome news for the Elliott family. Lew Elliott had the sign painted in memory of his mother, who was passionate about beautification efforts in Annesdale Park and loved roses, after her death in 1989.
“I’ve been putting it in worthy yards,” he said. “If it’s reappeared, I’ll go pick it up and put it where it deserves to be.”

The Annesdale Park Neighborhood Association Board of Directors had voted to purchase a new yard of the month sign in memory of Mrs. Elliott before the old one reappeared. Lew and his brother, Ronnie Elliott, are longtime residents of Annesdale Park and are the owners of Super Cycle at the corner of Harbert Avenue and Bellevue Street. Elvis Presley shopped at their store. (Check out “Elvis Memories at Super Cycle” at

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