Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning for Cleveland

Cleveland Street is the boundary between Central Gardens and Annesdale Park. It is often the main focal point and introduction to the Annesdale Park neighborhood. In efforts to beautify the islands on the street, volunteers with the Annesdale Park Neighborhood Association raked and picked up leaves and debris then replaced them with colorful flowers and shrubs on April 5. The association used funds paid from membership dues to purchase the plantings.

There are several areas on the islands where collapsing bricks are a pedestrian hazard. The association repaired many of these or turned the patches with missing bricks into small flower gardens. Passersby stopped to express their appreciation for the improvements on the islands. The Dumas family, who live on the Central Gardens side of Cleveland, expressed their support by joining the Annesdale Park Neighborhood Association. A special thanks goes to cleanup volunteers, John and Jenny Gholson, Jeff Houts, Andrew McGill, Tom Wilemon and Cathy Winterburn for all of their hard work. The association would also like to thank everyone who paid membership dues. The money goes toward projects to improve and promote Annesdale Park.

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